Sustainable Business - Conservation

New Planting with Cattle watching over
Cabbage Tree in Flower, with Climbing Rose, Magnolia
Rabbit at burrow from Nga Manu
New Zealand Falcon at Nga Manu
Magpie female at nest

Planting, Environment, Birdlife - conservation

17 years ago the entire property was open farmland used for dairying

There has been progressive planting, over this time, with accelerated planting since Vista del Sol was purchased 4 years ago.

Flowering species have been planted to support bird life - particularly Pohutakawa, Bottle brush, Banksia, Virgilia and Kowhai amongst others

Now targeting additional natives for bird life - eg Miro,

An Orchard with a huge variety of fruit has been planted

All beef cattle are in the TB monitoring program to ensure they are healthy

Vista del Sol''s library has a number of New Zealand fauna, marine, wildlife books and we promote local "Nature" based activities, excursions and trips to our guests through advice, website and brochures.


Pest Control

Rabbits, Stoats, Opossums, Magpies

There was quite a high level of erosion present when we purchased in 2005 due to the previous owners undertaking no pest control of Rabbits for over 10 years.

We managed to reduce our numbers but they kept on moving in from surrounding areas - so we undertook to reduce the numbers in the surrounding properties as well

In the first two months we shot over 150 rabbits and we now patrol neighbouring properties as well. Rabbit numbers have remained low particularly on Vista del Sol

We have purchased a stoat trap as stoats ravage bird populations

We do not own a cat as they are very effective predators of native bird life

Magpies - are an introduced bird and are very aggressive toward other bird species. They will attack and drive the native hawks away and are generally anti-social. We regularly borrow Magpie traps from the Regional council to trap groups of Magpies as they appear.

Our Cattle are in the TB testing program which preserves the health of our animals and overall reduces incidence and spread of TB from animals in New Zealand.

Conservation and Nature Projects planned

Vista del Sol''s gardens are being constantly extended with plant species that support birdlife.

A Wetland is planned for our small peat swamp area, in mid winter the water table is above ground level so the created lagoon should not affect local water levels.

We are planning a small Forest of Native trees - this to bring back a lowland forest area, there is quite high level of regeneration of native forest species in the house gardens due to creating better environmental conditions for them by watering, keeping pests and stock away from them, and providing shade.

Many species are regenerating - particularly Totara which used to be prevalent in lowland forests in the area

A vegetable garden is to be planted on a terraced hillside which is not useful for stock or other purposes.

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